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About Us

About Us

Welcome to Sharda Homoeopathy

Health is not just an absence of illness, but the positive balance of all aspects of a person

  • Body
  • Mind
  • Emotion

Dealing in all aspects of positive healing at Sharda Homoeopathy. You will find the answer for your problem.

Quality standards and systems are of supreme importance to us & we constantly keeps striving for better quality services.

Homeopathy treatment is people all ages.

Since it is a system  your natural immune system, it is useful for those healthy or ill for both prevention and aime.

A Homeopath looks at people as people rather then disease and remedies that the whole person rather than just treat symptoms of disease.

What does Sharda Homoeopathy offers?

  • Successfully treating patients on many levels in a highly competitive global market place is a unique challenge.
  • At Sharda Homoeopathy – We as service providers are committed to upholding high professional standards, providing customer satisfaction to ethical practices. 

This signifies commitment in enforcing quality standards.

Why Sharda Homoeopathy?

1. Over 10 years of experience and expertise in treating chronic disease.

For the past 10 years we have been treating patient for chronic disease successfully.

  • High success rate in chronic ailments.
  • Life style disease CVD obesity/ High B.P./ Type 2 Diabetes
  • Auto immune disease psoriasis/ Type 2 Diabetes 

2. Technology at its best – At Sharda Homoeopathy we are use world best homeopathic software system including homeopath, which is among the top homeopathic software for correct, fast and reliable solutions.

3. Multi Faceted Treatments – Most ailments are a result of  combination of factors at the physical/ mental/ Environmental levels. Therefore we have multi faceted approach which works at all three levels:

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Psychological well being

Which are all considered in developing a unique treatment package for every patient.

4. Individualistic Approach – Its core and edge of homeopathy the individualization. At Sharda Homoeopathy a doctor is not only a realer but also a friend, counselor and a guide.

5. Holistic health Approach – We at Sharda Homoeopathy provide unique fully comprehensive personal and well being sessions, correctly motivational coaching to help you to live a life of health and well being.

Benefits of Holistic Approach:

  • Detoxification & nourishment of body
  • Obtaining all multivitamins and minerals through balanced diet, which is necessary for health.
  • Reducing risk of coronary health disease like High B.P., stroke, Type 2 diabetes
  • Enhancing your immunity for long lasting sustainable health.

Our Mission

Our committment is to educate and motivate individuals to reach their optimal fitness potential and inspire them to continue reaching to the highest ideas of health.

Our Vision

Mind and body fitness for Lifelong good health can be achieved through homeopathic holistic health approach. To assist people attaining their vision dreams and goals, To insipre, motivate and educate people to live a life of health and well being. 

About Dr. Jaya

Dr Jaya is very good counsellor. Wether old age patients or young age patients all gets impressed by her the way she gives effort to resolve each and every single query of the patients.

She also is active you tuber.

Since last 1 year with the help of her you tube channel she is helping patients and her patients to understand how diseases occurs and how  we can stay away from diseases by doing simple changes in life style and by using homoeopathy

At sharda homoeopathy we feel that each and every one should get benifitted from homoeopathy hence we also carry out various camps whenever it is required. During 2017 we distributed free preventive medicines for swine flu to almost 5000 families.

In 2018 also we carried out various camps in gotri, karelibaug, Waghodia dabhoi ring road area and distributed preventive medicine for dengue and chikangunya to around 5500 people.

In 2019 also so far preventive medicine for swine flu distributed to around 500 families

Apart from this Dr Umesh also runs a charity clinic in kedareshwer temple Waghodia road on every Tuesday from 9am to 10am and every week around 25-30 people’s are benefitted

-----About Dr Umesh-----

Dr Umesh completed his BHMS in 2009 and started practising homoeopathy in RAE BARELI.

than from 2011 to 2015 worked with Dr Batra’s. Over there he used to see  3 profiles at a time and had healthy and satisfied patient base of 950patients. HE was appointed as chief homoeopathic consultant at Dr Batras vadodara from 2014-2015. And under his leadership vadodara clinic reached at new heights.

In Aug 2015 he started 2nd branch of sharda homeopathic clinic at Vasna road in Rajratna complex Besides raneshwar temple.

He had vast experience in treating hair skin allergies and paediatric cases. Had also seen around 25000 cases of various hair and skin problems.

He believes that homoeopathy should be considered a first choice in each and every cases. He gives ample time to his patients and understands their core problems and treats them with 100% satisfaction.

He still takes time and reading books to enhance his knowledge ultimately helping his patients

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